African ICT expo opens in Ghana


Under the theme “Digital Economy – the Untapped Resource for Accelerated Growth and Job Creation”, the three-day event, which attracted notable technology firms and experts, includes seminars,job fair and exhibitions.

Opening the event, President John Dramani Mahama commended the organizers for creating necessary platform to facilitate interaction and sharing of ideas and experiences.

He lauded the growth in the Telecommunications and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in the country.

“Today, Ghana stands tall as one of the progressive ICT and telecom markets,” Mahama said. The West African country has six mobile telecoms operators, with more than 33 million subscribers.

George Spencer Quaye, Chief Executive Officer of Coasters Company Limited, organizer of the expo, observed that technology and innovation are being powered by the internet all over the world as the most potent tools for accelerating global economic growth and human development in the 21st Century.

“Economies are bracing themselves today for a wave of disruptions presenting multiple opportunities for new growth and development,” he said.

“This is an ongoing transformation of the global economy powered by the new economic phenomenon which is changing how we interact, affecting human relations and disrupting businesses,” Quaye noted, adding that “today it is digitize or die.”

The event, which is the biggest ICT exhibition so far Ghana, has China’s mobile telecom giant Huawei as one of its leading sponsors. Enditem