Father of abused boy defends abusers; says they are kind people


The father of the two-year-old boy who lost all five fingers on his left hand following months of abuse has risen to the defence of the suspected abusers.

Nana Yaw told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Thursday he ordered that his one-and-a-half-year-old son be sent to Mr and Mrs Rita Oti because the couple was extremely kind to him.

He is pleading with the police to release two who are currently in police detention.

Nana Yaw wants Nana Oti and his wife to be allowed to continue to take care of the boy whilst doctors attend to him.

Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor last week broke the chilling story of a two-year-old boy in the Ashanti Regional capital who had become a victim of grisly abuse.

He said the boy was sent to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital on September 29, 2015 with his left hand wrapped with a dirty rag.

When the rag was removed, doctors observed the fingers were not functioning and, therefore, performed surgery to remove the dead fingers to save the rest of the hands.

The police arrested the boy’s guardians on suspicions that the injury on the hand was caused by a hot iron.

Nana Oti and his wife claimed that the boy had dipped his hand in hot water and suffered the burns thereafter.

But doctors contradicted this claim, insisting the nature of the injury did not support their claim. They said the burn was too extensive to have been caused by hot water.

Commenting on the matter for the first time, the father of the boy, Nana Yaw, who is domiciled in Nigeria, told Joy FM he believed the story as told by the suspects whose neighbours describe them as difficult, violent and occultists.

He said there was no proof of the doctors’ diagnosis.

“Can I get a proof that my son was severely beaten, tortured?” he asked.

Asked whether he had sold his son to Nana Oti and his wife, Nana Yaw responded, “That is a new rumour, I did not sell my son, I will not be happy to hear this question again.”

SOURCE: myjoyonline