Christian Council demands end to rhetorics to fix drains in Accra


The Christian Council of Ghana is demanding an end to what it describes as empty promises from city authorities to fix the drainage system in Accra.

General Secretary of the Council, Rev. Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong, says it is now clear that promises by city authorities that Accra is ready to prevent another June 3 flood and fire disaster have little substance.

“It is high time action replaces rhetorics to stop the needless loss of lives and property that have become an annual ritual in the Accra,” Rev Frimpong said.
The capital Thursday, June 9, experienced yet another flood a year after the devastating June 3 fire and flood disaster which killed over 150 people.


The government and city authorities following the floods assured residents and all Ghanaians they will do all in their power to ensure the catastrophe does not recur.

AMA Chief Executive, Alfred Oko Vanderpuje reiterated the assurance at a memorial service to mark the paper anniversary of June 3, 2015, flood and fire disaster a week ago stating government is doing everything possible to ensure that all drains in and around the capital, Accra are desilted.

“It is important to note that after June 3,420,000 metric tonnes of silt has been dredged out of the Korle Lagoon. That represents about 45 percent of the work that needs to be done in the Korle Lagoon and the Odaw River,” he said.

He further assured that Accra is now in a position to contain heavy downpours and floods such as the June 3 will not recur.

However, Rev Dr Opuni Frimpong is questioning the substances of the assurances.
According to him, Thursday’s rains is a confirmation that whatever city authorities claim to have done has not yielded the desired results and poor residents of Accra are bearing the painful consequences of loss of lives, property and general insecurity.

Rev Opuni Frimpong wants authorities to show commitment to resolving the issue if citizens are to believe their words in the future.